Carpet Cleaning

Carpet Cleaners all over generally use a Manual Wand. What is a Manual Wand? I’m sure you have seen the kind of carpet cleaner that works in only two directions i.e. Forwards ad Backwards. So what happens is that when the person who is cleaning gets tired the quality of the work also takes a hit.

This type of vacuum technology came out in several decades ago and hasn’t progressed much since then. Moreover, there are some drawbacks to the technology and those being that tough stains are hard to remove and they may cause shadowing in your carpet.

The Rotovac DHX® is an advanced technology cleaning device as illustrated in the picture. It is better for both carpet cleaning and house cleaning than The Manual Wand in many ways. First, it can clean in every direction since it has three high pressure jets. Moreover, it has high torque motors which, unlike the average human, do not tire and so provide a consistent, high quality carpet cleaning job.

In addition, The Rotovac DHX® gets rid of tough stains, matted areas et al. that the manual wand can’t and also leaves the carpet 20% drier. So which would you choose?